Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Juice Plus +

As I approach another birthday (just 3 more days at 42), I am working on new projects in health & wellness!  Just like last year, when I was studying for my Group Fitness Instructor certification, I am branching out in another new direction!  I am becoming a Wellness Guide (aka distributor) for Juice Plus +.
Not a mulitvitamin, weight loss product or fitness supplement, the Juice Plus + capsules or chewables are 20-30 fruits, veggies and grains in a concentrated form to help bridge the gap between the fruits and veggies we are eating everyday and what we should be eating everyday.  Even with the mindful and healthy eating we practice, I know that I am not hitting my optimal target consumption of fruits & vegetables!  And I don't want to miss out on all the antioxidant goodness that keeps me free of illness and disease (like cancer)!
I am pursuing this company because it IS about health & wellness, from birth to death!  You can start your infant as soon as he/she is eating solid foods!  Just by opening up a capsule and mixing the powder into their foods!!!  Also, Juice Plus + is committed to children's health!  For each adult portion of capsules or chewables, you can receive FREE product for children ages 4-18.  And, guess what?!  It doesn't have to be your child!  That's right!  You can get them for your niece/nephew, grandchild, neighbor's kid, what have you!  Check out the Children's Health Study for more details!
Isn't that awesome?!  While working on keeping yourself healthy, you can start your child(ren) on the lifelong path of wellness!!!  For FREE!!!!!
A friend, another fitness professional, Stephanie, introduced me to the product.  She began purchasing (from another distributor) and liked it so much that she became a distributor herself just to get it for a discount!  She also told me that she has not been sick, to include a cold or flu, in  2 years!!!!
My "upline", Melanie, told me that she began using it specifically FOR her kids!  She had 3 boys, all under the age of 5, with the oldest sick every few months, to include hospitalization.  He missed more pre-school than he actually attended!  She started the boys on Juice Plus + about two months before the oldest began kindergarten.  He only missed ONE DAY that school year!!!  After about 9 months in, she decided she must become part of the company that did this for her family!  That was 5 years ago!!
As many of you know, I am highly motivated to live my best, my healthiest, my most vital life!  Neither of my parents did so and my father lost his life at the young age of 49 1/2 to colon cancer and my mother suffers from COPD.  My maternal grandfather is a colon cancer survivor....so I have that "scare" from both sides of my genetic pool!  Additionally, my paternal grandmother died from cancer (tho I don't know the primary source). 
I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disorder related to the thyroid, and, for which, I have to take hormone replacement to supplement what my body (the antibodies) targets and destroys. 

I am fit & active!  I currently teach 6 group fitness classes: TRX, kickboxing, booty and abs!  I sub as often as I am asked!  Juice Plus + is a perfect complement to how I live my life and how I will continue to live my life ~ radiant, relevant, inspired!
Juice Plus + also offers a complete protein powder and nutrition bars.  These would be ideal for weight loss (when used as a meal replacement), for fitness goals (protein to build muscles) and on-the-go snacks!  Chris and I like to take protein powder on vacation as it is an excellent wake up meal!!! 
I hope I can share this with you and we can be on that journey of living a long & healthy life together!

Also check out Transform30, where we can jumpstart your transformation!  This is also a good "program" for those already involved in fitness & health as a recharge to your system to get beyond plateaus!!!

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