Friday, March 30, 2012

March Showings Bring April Offers

Junk Gypsies

We have 2 more showings to round out the month.  That will be 6 total for the month of March.  Could tonite's or tomorrow's be THE one???  We are hopeful.

Better get crackin' on rentals fo reals!  Being prepared is key to getting results, right?

Heard some information from a trusted co-worker today that further cements my decision to leave this place in my glitter dust!  It is sometimes hard to believe how much goes on behind my back ... and how much those "in charge" are behind some of it!  (The Director clearly believes his "assistant" is to be trusted, when, in fact, she is the biggest gossip in this place!!!  She is one of those people who must have everyone like her, so she goes out of her way to be on the side of whomever she is speaking with at that given moment.  Then she will take the opposite position when she is talking to the person about whom she was just talking with the other person!)

Hoping to get a few hours of yardwork in this weekend.  Planned to hit it first thing tomorrow morning, but then we were asked to have the house available from 12:15 - 2:15 (large window, I know, but what can you do?!).  We can get 2 hours in tomorrow evening and a couple/few more Sunday.  While I may not get all of the backyard beds weeded, I will make a good size dent!!  We also need to buy top soil and grass seed for half of the front yard...but that project may wait until the following weekend, we'll see.  I hope some of our lilacs have begun to bloom ~~ love them!  I want a bunch for in the house and maybe my desk at work!!  The smell is so delicious!!  (If ours aren't blooming, I may sneak to my aunt's and cut some of hers...besides, she has the purple ones I love best, anyway!!) 

Hard to believe March has come to an end.  I think it came in like a lamb ... and perhaps is leaving like a lamb.  Love this unseasonably warm and calm start to Spring in NWI!!!

Until next month...

Monday, March 26, 2012

In a Boulder state of mind

So, for the past several days, almost a week, Chris and I have had "Boulder on the brain".  Chris even said that his spirituality is being affected by still living in Indiana and not Colorado!  (This is a big statement, as Chris rarely discusses his spirituality.  Even in general terms!!) 

While driving to work, I picture myself along Boulder Canyon Trail as it leads west toward the Boulder Mountain Lodge, along the Boulder Creek Trail.  I can almost hear the trickle of the refreshing and life-giving water. 

Today, I decided to check out rentals in Boulder (WOW, they are high!), just to keep me informed and as a reminder to the Universe that we are moving forward.  That we are ready for the journey.  That the only thing holding us, tying us, anchoring us at this moment is Harvest Moon House.  That we are more than ready for the journey, the adjustments, the CHANGE!

We had another (the 4th this month!!) showing of our house yesterday morning and are hopeful that this is the one, the people who will make us the offer that we will accept, which begins the process of selling our first home and moving toward our destiny.  Yesterday, we sat at a picnic table, in some woods, along the lake in our city and discussed our move to Colorado.  We have toyed with the idea of moving into Valparaiso, where Chris works, after the house sells, while we await Chris landing a job in Colorado.  However, I think yesterday we decided to nix that idea and just GO FOR IT!  When the house sells, we will pack up, find a place in Colorado and head out!  It's a leap of faith, we know, but we do not want to prolong our dream.  Why take a short-term rental here?  Why delay the inevitable?!  The absolutely glorious, simply-splitting-at-the-seams inevitable!!!  We can do the same out there with the money we have saved.  We KNOW Chris will get a job quickly and I can find something part-time, too. 

It's kind of scary, but so exhilarating at the same time!  EEEEEEE!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


"The 3 C's of life: choices, chances and changes.  You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change."

We have DEFINITELY put the above quote into practice.  We knew before heading to Colorado last May that we wanted to move West.  We just hadn't quite figured out what city, or even what state, we liked best and wanted to focus our energies toward.  However, all that changed the moment we entered Boulder!  I am remaining optimistic for our Colorado plans.  Although things are not moving as fast as we would like with selling the house, we know Colorado is the next stop on our life's journey.  We will remain confident that the timing of selling the house and Chris landing a great job will perfectly coincide.  But we have not completely ruled out the possibility of packing up and heading out there without Chris having yet secured a job (that is the "taking a chance" part for reals!!!).  Again today, Chris found a perfect job at the University of Colorado to which he is unable to apply because it is open only to Colorado residents.  GRRR!!! 

"To change one's life: Start immediately.  Do it flamboyantly."

This time of year is a time for new beginnings.  New beginnings, to me, must spring from an optimistic attitude ~~ when you are looking positively toward a new direction for your future, in whatever endeavor you imagine.  For me, this is a year of making changes.  BIG changes, really.  Yet, I know I need to break free from some chains so that I can be set free to experience more out of life ~~ what has been waiting on me, if only I would do my part.  


"Finding greatness within yourself is what can set you apart from many."

I truly feel that I have to open myself up by walking away from the safety and security of my current situation to show the Universe that I am ready, willing and able to move move move up!  I can no longer settle for the mediocrity of my humdrum job any longer.  Yes, it provides me an income.  However, it doesn't provide me joy.  It is lackluster.  It is strangling.  It is an energy vampire.  The greatness is within me, just waiting to be tapped.   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy March!

Welcome Spring!!!

We have been experiencing the most wonderful, unseasonably warm weather in March for Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland! It is truly magical!  Yesterday, the first day of spring, was glorious!  We were able to be outside after work for a couple of hours doing yardwork: weed and grass removal to freshen up things as the new growth begins peeking out.  Chris was out on Saturday, too.  

Daffodils are one of my all-time favorite flowers (a little cup, a little frill, that's how you make a daffodil!!)!  I cut some of our daffodils over the weekend to bring inside to enjoy!  They are the brightest, yellowest burst of sunshine!!  

I have been a book-reading maniac!  And have another MUST READ for you...
Okay, for me, The Night Circus is the one book I think you should read this summer!!!  I now want to find and join the Night Circus!  A magickal circus and a love story all in one.  I cannot begin to give a summary that would do any justice, so, please, head to the Amazon link above and check it out for yourself.  Pick this one up ~~ you will not be disappointed.  (The only disappointment: completing the read and knowing this particular adventure is over!) 

I just finished reading Stef Penney's The Invisible Ones (I posted about this one on the previous blog entry)I highly recommend this book, too.  The story involves a missing Gypsy girl and the private investigator (half Gypsy himself, which is why the missing girl's father chose him) who embarks on finding her.  The twist at the end took me by surprise!

I have had the pleasure of enjoying time with some girlfriends, old & new, this month.  Lunch with my long-time friend, Deb, one work day and dinner with other gals this past Sunday nite.  Always invigorating and grounding, at the same time, when I get to be with any of "my girls"!!  A joy that I will definitely miss when we finally move to Colorado.  Girlfriends are irreplaceable and necessary!

Spring is a time for rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, new stories, new ideas ... to that end, I am working toward ending my current career by the next change of seasons.  It is a feeling of both relief and anxiety: so I know I am doing the right thing!  I have taken to using my personal time off (PTO) days about once a week, for the necessary break I need from the humdrum and drama of the workplace.  It is vital!  I will have some time on the books when I give my notice, so that will give me an extra paycheck. 

I am looking for part-time work in the spa field, as recommended by my smart hubby, since that is where my next career path can take me.  While it will be very strange not to have a routine (at least initially), especially after coming to the same job for almost 10 years, I will enjoy having the time to do all the cleaning, laundry, shopping during the day while Chris is at work ~~ and then we can have our weekends to do whatever we want!  Well, after Chris mows the lawn!  HeeHee!! 

Harvest Moon House has 1) had its asking price lowered $2000 and 2) had several showings.  However, none have been highly successful, as we have yet to receive any offers.  Just wait until our yard is even half in bloom ~~ they will be blown away!  Maybe we can have a little bidding war?!  HA!  One offer close to our asking price will suffice, really!  Are you listening, Universe?  We are doing our part to keep things looking show-ready...we even buried a St. Joseph (upside down) next to the For Sale sign!

We have been diligently working on my 40th birthday bash!  There are some things we still need to buy, which I think we will do the last month before the party.  Chris has asked his mom to help with his costume, but he has yet to get over there to get the work started (fingers crossed, he will go this weekend ~~ so I can work on our taxes while he is gone!).  My outfit is almost complete, just need to make some strategic cuts to my shirt.  I am also going to do a practice makeup and hair session a few weeks before.  Think I will treat myself to some loud eyeshadow ~~ loud like, totally, describes 80's fashion, dude!!

Wishing you new beginnings this spring ~~ or, at least, think about new ideas that you would like to start putting into play this year! 

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