Thursday, May 14, 2015

Anything Is Possible

Reading this article has made me take stock of the past 365 days.
A lot has happened, plenty has changed, some remains the same!
When approaching my 42nd birthday last year, we were living in Longmont.  I was not working, but was spending my time studying for the NETA Group Fitness Instructor certification test.  I wasn't sure where the certification would take me nor how long it would take to get there.  I was just motivated to make a career change!
Just before taking my test, I started a 2-week free trial at Fit Chick Express.  Within that two weeks, I had decided I would approach Angie, the gym owner, about an internship or the like.  To my surprise and delight, SHE approached me with the subject first.  I spent the summer leading boot camp classes, meeting & becoming friends with amazing women and helping Angie have some freedom (of time and finances) to enjoy the months leading up to her wedding.
I continued to delve into my health and wellness interests and received a specialty certificate, also from NETA, as a Longevity Wellness Specialist.
We volunteered at our first Denver ComicCon!  Coming down from Longmont to work early shifts and then spending the afternoon walking the convention and having a bite to eat in the city.
We participated in our first Denver Pride!  We enjoyed a day of activities at Civic Center Park, amid the sunshine & rainbows!  We also were volunteers during the Pride Parade! 
My mom made her first trip to Colorado, which included a trip to one of the dispensaries, of course!  We took her to Boulder and Estes Park, two of our favorites.  But heading into the mountains and back is not on any future itineraries for her!  I flew back to Florida with her and spent a fantastic week with all of my family!!
I had the pleasure of a somewhat leisurely summer, affording me opportunities to forge relationships...strong friendships...with some of my Fit Chicks!  While simultaneously becoming a confident fitness instructor!  I knew I would have to leave the fun, friendly, crazy confines of Fit Chick Express in August, but I kept my focus on how much fun I was having, especially with the 6AM bootcampers!
At the same time, we were looking for our next Denver!  Chris did most of the actual looking at places, since he spent his workdays in the city, while I did internet searches.  This would be our first time living the city life!!  Looking for our next place was a little daunting....not as easy as I have experienced for our last two moves.  We secured a roomy one-bedroom in an architecturally-stunning complex, Vitruvius. 

I got my nose pierced!
We made our move, slowly, over the month of August.  Our leases overlapped, so we would bring stuff down to the new apartment in our vehicles and packed up the rest in a moving truck near the end of the month. 

Just like one year before, I was once again without work and friends.  I started my job search right away and found myself working at Matrix Fitness & Spa at the beginning of September.  I have enjoyed improving my fitness instructor skills while teaching (and getting certified in) TRX, an abs-centric class, cardio kickboxing (which they put on the schedule for me and which I grew from a 30-minute class to an hour!), a booty-focused class (again that I asked for), as well as getting to know many of my fellow trainers (personal and group) and getting the chance to sub the classes they teach!
I have continued to blog here and started a second blog, specific to travel.  I am in the process of having my own website and plan to have it live by the end of this month!  I want to migrate this site and my other to my website, where I will also post about Juice Plus + and fitness & wellness.
We adventured to Puerto Rico, spending most of that vacation off the main island on Vieques.  While at first I didn't think I would like it much, we quickly discovered that a dream of our past bubbled to the surface.  We made the decision during this amazing trip to move to an island....before retirement.  We have made lists of islands to visit and are going to vacation over the next 3-5 years at each of them to figure out which one matches us & our dreams!  We are growing our passions now and will continue to pursue them for pleasure and profit.  We are also working on a plan to open either a small coffee/pastry truck or drink shack (Mojica's Banana Cabana)!!!  Just something to make a little more money, but only take up a few hours each day.
We have made new friends in the city and spend time clubbing with them!  We are living a 20-something life some weekends!  Something we missed out on completely, since we were married & in college during those years.
I get to stay in touch with my Fit Chicks!  I am hoping to become an integral part of the community again soon, albeit virtually, and I look forward to more times spent in person with the group and individuals: coffee dates, lunch breaks, Super Saturday workouts, stand-up paddle boarding!
The sun is shining today and I am sitting outside a coffee shop to write.  I am on the verge of my first online business venture and, possibly, picking up a gig at a second gym.  I get to teach Booty Blast, Power Abs and TRX tonite as I bid farewell to this past year. 
I am on the eve of 43 today! 
I am filled with ideas, inspiration, motivation and excitement for the fullness this next year holds in store!

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