Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Weekend Bluuuurrrr

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  So hard to believe it is almost the end of another year.  Where did 2011 go? 

We spent the holiday at my aunt's, as usual.  I made a tried-&-true recipe, as well as a new one.  Eating Well's Cranberry Cherry Walnut Marmalade, which I made two years ago, is a crowd pleaser!  I love having the leftovers for home, too!!  I tried my hand at some pumpkin crescent rolls.  Rather delish!!!  These remind me of a family recipe (my Aunt Joan's rolls), but with a little twist.  I believe they will become MY famous rolls!  

Friday, Chris & I celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss!  Well, not always bliss, of course ... but our personal version of married happily ever after!  

We were blessed with the most mild of weather: sunny, mid 50's to low 60's.  Perfect for our planned trip to Chicago.  We took the train from East Chicago.  First stop, Shedd Aquarium (we are members) ~~ which was packed!  The nice thing about being members ... we don't have to wait in any long lines to get in!  And the line was way down the steps outside the front of the building!  CRAZY!! 

We walked over to the theatre district to grab a bite to eat at Corner Bakery (our usual dining spot when in The City).  From there, we strolled the Kristkindl market at Daley Plaza (it is a German-style open-air market).  It was teeming with people, making it rather difficult to get close to any of the booths to ogle the crafts.  We also checked out the windows at Macy's (not that impressed with this year's theme).  

Before heading north to Lincoln Park Zoo, we waited in line at Garrett Popcorn to get our Chicago Mix!  A large cheese & caramel popcorn mix for each of us!  Yep ~~ we each had our very own bag!

We grabbed a cab to get us to the zoo (it is many, many blocks north of Randolph/Michigan Avenue/Lake Shore Drive).  Yet another crazy, busy scene!  Opening nite for the zoo's ZooLights, plus the gorgeous day, brought everyone out!  The traffic was crazy, but our cab driver a bit crazier!!!  He got us there in almost record time!

We enjoyed our time at the zoo while munching on our Garrett popcorn!  Had lots of people making comments, even asking us where we got it!  Awesome snack for any outing!!!

We decided to walk all the way back to the train station.  Not much to look at during most of the walk, but we did hit part of Old Town.

We still had about an hour to kill before the next train back to Indiana.  We were both rather drained at this point and decided it would be best to head into the underground terminal, grab a pop to share and just rest our weary selves.  

Chris hung garland and lights on our front porch railings and awning on Wednesday, but we still needed to fill our flower boxes with Christmas-y decor.  Early Saturday, we got outside to complete our holiday transformation.  (I need to snap a photo!!)

The rest of Saturday entailed a quick run to Target, an hour at Panera to get online and then home to watch a movie ("Limitless").  

Sunday found us cleaning the house, finishing laundry and putting up (almost) all of the window plastic.  I also addressed some Christmas cards, while Chris worked on a book project.  

Looking forward to our first annual Wet Potatoes Gang Ugly Christmas Sweater Party this Friday.  It's gonna be a hoot!     

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stress-Free Holiday

We got a call Saturday afternoon from the realtor who brought the buyer thru on Friday that she wanted to come for a second look on Sunday between 3:30 & 4:30 (with her uncle who works in construction).  Chris had the idea to play a movie in our downstairs theatre!!!  We selected "Spiderman" b/c we were told the buyer has 2 teenage sons (don't know if they were coming with her or not, but thought it was a good choice). 

We decided to head to a local Starbucks to take advantage of the last day of "buy one holiday drink get one free" (mmmmmm...gingerbread latte!).  We were going to just pop in for our drinks and run to Costco to grab a few items.  Plans changed, tho, when we were able to meet up with our friends for a much overdue chat!  We thought we were meeting with Kim & one or both of her boys ... much to our surprise it was both boys AND her hubby, Paul!  Paul drives a truck and we rarely get to see him.  We spent a delightful almost 2 hours talking. 

Unfortunately, while the buyer loved our house the best, she has decided to look for something bigger.

No big deal!  We will enjoy our holiday season without the stresses of counter-offers, closings, packing and finding a rental.  It will happen at just the right time!  We can feel it!!!

Chris is off work today thru Friday, while I am off Thursday & Friday.  He is at home hanging our outdoor Christmas decorations; taking advantage of the mild weather. 

Our 19th anniversary is Friday & we plan to celebrate low-key.  Our New Orleans trip was sort of our gift to one another.  We will head into Chicago to see the holiday lights & decorations, stop in Shedd Aquarium (we are members) and take in the ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo for the first time. 

This weekend will also find us putting up our indoor Christmas decorations ... or, at least, getting started.  Plus, we need to hang our window plastic ~~ to help insulate a bit from the winter winds!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  May you be grateful for the simple pleasures in life!  May your cup overflow!  Wishing you abundance in all that you seek! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Takin' a Peek

Today was the first showing of Harvest Moon House! 

Fingers crossed!

I got a call Tuesday afternoon from another realtor in the Ginter office asking if it would be okay for her to show our house on Friday, around 12:30/1:00.

I was taken aback!  Of course it is okay!!!

We aren't getting overly excited b/c you just never know how long the process can take.  We only hope that we have set the stage and the prospective buyers simply fall in love and cannot wait to submit an offer! 

An offer that we are willing to accept, that is!  :)

I haven't heard anything (from our realtor or the buyers') ... hope we get some feedback, at least.

Please send us some well wishes for this new endeavor!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For Sale, For Real!!

Our home officially went on the market last Thursday, November 3rd!  Came home after work & the gym to find the realty sign in our front yard!  WooHoo!

Every Tuesday, the realtors of Ginter Realty meet at their office and then tour every home they have for sale.  Yep, EVERY one...EVERY Tuesday!  Today was the first tour of Harvest Moon House!!  It was the time to shine! 

We cleaned, put up a couple plug-in air fresheners and left all the lights on (per our realtor, Carrie). 

Received a text this afternoon that everyone LOVED our place! 

Go Team Ginter!  Get our house sold!!! 


Friday, November 4, 2011


I tapped into my creative juices this Halloween season and made a new sign as part of our outdoor decorations:

My honey already had the wood pieces from an earlier project he abandoned.  He did the light paint job and drew in the spider & web (so I could just trace it).

What a team!!! 

I am at my most creative for Halloween-oriented projects, while Chris is ALWAYS doing something artistic (sculpture, drawing, writing, painting, you name it!)!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Costume Contest WINNER!

I have won my first ever costume contest!!!  WooHoo!!!  I entered a drawing by Rowdy Maui on Facebook by submitting a past Halloween photo of me & Chris.  AND it won!!!  I get a $50 gift certificate to use on Rowdy Maui goods!!  I love their tees ~~ such fun!!

Negligence & Malpractice!!

This was the Winning Photo!!

This one I display at Halloween!

We almost NEVER wear couple's costumes.  In 2006, Chris wasn't feeling very "inspired", so I put these looks together for us.  Complete with real toe tags from our county morgue!!!  Chris "bloodied" up his bone saw and my hypodermic needle!!  It is actually one of MY favorite Halloween costumes (for me) and I wore it again in 2009 (the first year we had 2 costume parties to attend so I got to wear 2 different costumes!).

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