Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

I cannot believe how very long I have stayed away from my little blog!  It's not that I haven't had things in life to write about ... I think I have just been busy livin' life and not wanting to take time to sit and write about it all!  Hopefully, soon, I will update on here.  Things like our AMAZING trip to Boulder, Colorado, which included an impromptu Sheryl Crow concert on my birthday...to a family wedding...to a nite out at our local gay/lesbian club...to the change in my hairstyle!  So tidbits and photos to come!

I have had the most incredible May (I celebrate my birth MONTH, not just the day), except for some crazy-ass torrential rain storms! 

I am livin' life with gusto!  Hope you can say the same!!!

Making JOY everyday and creating memories to look back on with nostalgia!!!

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