Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where, o where, has Jennifer gone?

I got hit by a bad flu bug and haven't been myself for almost 2 weeks.  Promise to be back here with something to report when I shake free and am back to me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun times this weekend!!!

We have a busy weekend on tap.  Yay!!!


Looking forward to supporting "our" fighters from LA Boxing at Hoosier Fight Club's HFC 6: New Years Nemesis!!!  Nick Wayne & Aaron Noel are making their pro debuts and Jake Rosenbaum will be back in the ring, too.  Quite a crowd of peeps from my work are coming this time around!  One of the agents and I have been spreading the word and doing lots of "promoting" (I have a copy of the poster on my door with a sign "I am selling tickets").  We ALWAYS enjoy HFC events!  It is a great time with friends, both from the gym and not, and we love to support the fighters we know (some of whom are our instructors at the gym)!  Aaron, aka Hulk, Noel has the most fan support, thanx to his wife's tireless efforts at ticket sales.  You would not believe the deafening sound when he is making his way to the cage ~~ it's crazy & contagious.  And with this being Aaron's professional debut, I think we might need ear plugs!  HeeHee!!!!!


In celebration of two cousins' birthdays (January 14th: sisters, 4 years apart), I have coordinated a bowling "party".  A big group of us, family & friends, will be gathering at a local bowling alley (after the Chicago Bears first playoff game, of course).  We rarely bowl, so don't expect me to come back with stories regaling my strikes and 300s, but rather about how much fun I had ... and maybe how silly I was!  This will be our first time at this bowling alley and we plan to try out their eats, too.  I am going to bake up some red velvet cupcakes and top them with some glittery candy hearts to pass around for dessert.  (Red velvet is my fave!!!  YUM!!)  Two of our friends, Heather & Kevin, have had to back out, unfortunately, as they have a family matter that is much, much more important.  We will miss them (Friday & Sunday)!! 

We are getting snowed on once again!  Blah!!  I know, I know, it is January in Northwest Indiana and we get winter through March.  But I am going to complain about it anyway!  HA!!  2 to 4 inches expected today and then it should move to the neighboring counties eastward with lake effect ... only to return again Friday nite into Saturday.   Ah, well...

We have decided to take kickboxing (3 times a week) over boxing because both of us are nursing upper-body injuries and we can get a better full-body workout with kick since we are using our legs more.  I have been taking it easy by only hitting with about 50-60% of my force and my shoulder doesn't hurt like before.  Yay!!!  I ice it once we get home and I have been taking some ibuprofen for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Tonite, I am just hitting the gym for a good run. 

Oh, I almost forgot ... MASSAGES on Thursday nite!  We are trying out a new massage school this time, so we can compare it to the one we have already been to and then we will decide which gets our business once a month for all of 2011.

Changed my mind on the Lentil Walnut Loaf this weekend; just wasn't feeling it.  So, no review to report.  Might try a slow-cooker recipe this weekend or next: Coffee-braised brisket (thanx to Tina at Carrots 'n' Cake for the suggestion). 

Doing well on the protein intake, too!  Added some Muscle Milk vanilla whey protein powder to this morning's oats, as a matter of fact!  Along with honey, cinnamon, Craisins, shredded coconut and my favorite ingredient, PUMPKIN.  Muscle Milk powder is very fine and mixes well in both liquids and solids!!  (Got a 6-lb bag at Costco for about $33) 

Gonna try to find some joy in today's weather ~~ I got it!  I wore my big, pink Ugg boots to work today (brought little black flats for changing)!  I usually wear them to the gym with my cropped workout pants or on the rare occasions I go outside when there is snow.  (And then get worn by the hubby when he shovels!  Cuz they are killer warm and cozy!!)

Friday, January 7, 2011


"Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories"  

Happy New Year!!!  I am borrowing from this year's Tournament of Roses Parade (my all-time favorite of parades!!) and using their theme as my own. 

(I "stole" the idea of using the theme from Susie ~~ Thanx for the inspiration!!)

"Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories" is so completely in alignment with my blogging philosophy!  I cannot wait to use it to hold myself accountable and to LIVE my life with these actions in mind!!

Doing my best to incorporate my 2011 "goals", thus far:
  • Been cooking up "new" recipes lately ... combining veggies and proteins and seasonings as I see fit. 
  • Really working on paying special attention to proteins at every meal. 
  • Taking it easy at the gym to give my shoulder the proper rest it needs to heal.  (This weekend I plan to do a bit of work @ home with my little dumbbells ~~ my so-called Weekend Warrior Workouts, as I have affectionately dubbed a few groupings of exercises for certain muscle groups.
  • Checked on happenings in Key West, to see when we would be interested in heading down there (just need to see if a timeshare week coincides)
  • Scheduled our first monthly massage (cannot wait until next Thursday nite!!!)
  • Saw a very cool "advent" sign that I want to make
  • Ran into someone from high school yesterday @ Starbucks (hadn't seen him in over 20 years) and had a very good talk
  • Called my good friend, Kim, to pass along a message from the Starbucks conversation and had a great talk, as usual (can't wait to see her & her 2 adorable munchkins in person)
Not too shabby, I must say!  It's only January 7th, after all!!!  This weekend, I will try my hand at another of Angela's recipes:  Lentil Walnut Loaf.  However, I am subbing pecans for the walnuts because that is what I have on hand. 

Hope the beginning of your 2011 is as full of hope & promise as mine and that you are using each & every day to work on your goals ~~ and doing so with so much joy!!

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