Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Goals ~~ How Did I Do??

I looked back at my blog post at the end of 2010 for my 2011 To Do List. 

Here are the things I maintained:
-Tweaking our diet
-Switching up my workout
-New recipes
-Building our savings
-Operation: Sell This House

Here are the few things I didn't reach:
-Monthly massages
-Submitting our tees & slogans

And one area in which I want to get better:

Seems I did pretty well, if I do say so myself!  And without really referring back to my blog post! 

Now, to come up with my 2012 list!!  All of the "goals" I met in 2011 will continue into 2012.  I would like to volunteer, at least, once in the new year.  And I will try to always find ways to be creative!

Wishing everyone a magnificent and magical 2012!!

(If the Mayans are right, this could be our last, ya know?!) 

Holiday Decor 2011

We went pretty minimalist in our Christmas decorating this year...

Our liquor shelf gussied up for the holidays!  See Chris's "major award"?

One of Chris's nutcrackers (he has a small collection) and my "new" sleigh for holding our Christmas cards. 

Our front porch.  I ADORE our old sled!!!

I decorate our flower boxes with fake evergreens and ornaments.  This year, I incorporated some of the leftover real greenery.

Luna's favorite spot...(almost) Santa's lap!  Yep, she made the Nice List!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Weekend

It is the beginning of the Christmas weekend and I have made my way to our local Barnes & Noble to take advantage of the free wifi.  I could not believe the checkout line when I was walking in!  YIKES!  I do have a 25% off coupon & there is a book I was interested in, but don't think there is anything I MUST have that would make me get in that queue!!!

I am enjoying a 4-day weekend!  WooHoo!  I started my break with a kickboxing workout and a much-needed haircut!  Both refreshing!!!

It doesn't "feel" like Christmas for me.  I think because we don't do the whole gift-giving bonanza, plus we don't have any snow.  It is cool & sunny ~ perfect winter weather as far as I'm concerned.  Yet, I wouldn't mind a dusting of the white powdery stuff for Christmas morning! 

We are going to the Dunes tomorrow morning for a guided walk at 10.  Don't know what to expect, but it will be fun to be out at Lake Michgan, drinking hot cocoa while strolling in the fresh air. 

I wonder, as I watch so many people out & about, are they shopping for others, themselves, perhaps a little of both?  It's a great time to shop for oneself!  I mean, there are some awesome deals, especially when you combine sales with coupons!  Come on, who among us doesn't shop for ourselves during the holidays??? 

Myself, I made a trip to Kohl's yesterday for the sole purpose of looking at a pink tulle skirt for my big 40th birthday bash next year (it's 80's themed).  It was on sale and I had a 15% off coupon, so what better time to give it a look, right?  I had to ask a salesperson if there were any left b/c I wasn't able to locate one on my own.  She made a bee-line for where they should be and behind a couple misplaced items, there was one ~ size medium, which I thought would work.  Just to save myself a trip, tho, I headed to the fitting room to give it a whirl.  And it fit!!!!  So, I now have one item toward my birthday outfit!  It feels good to know now how I want to look!  (My party is May 19th, leaving me plenty of time...but you know how you just know something is right, this skirt fits that bill!) 

For the most part, however, we have avoided the shopping meccas.  We don't desire to be in the hullabaloo of the traffic, parking, money-wasting madness!  If I hadn't needed to be out this way for my haircut, I would be at home ~~ away from the traffic nightmare that the day before the day before Christmas is today.  

So, the checkout line doesn't seem to have ended ... and that includes the one at the Cafe.  Barnes & Noble might have a record-setting sales day b/c it seems like many have waited to spend their hard-earned dollars at the almost last minute.  I wonder:  did many wait until today b/c it is a payday for them??  Christmas on a Sunday is probably good for retail ~~ leaves Saturday, a weekend day when many are off anyway, for Christmas Eve...the ultimate last minute shopping day!

I leave with a photo of our boy, who we miss everyday and who loved when the Christmas decorations were out so he had new places to explore! 

Caesar, Christmas 2008 ~~ He loved "hiding" in those trees; hanging with Frosty!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas to the Mojicas!

We are attending our first ever UFC live event!!!  On January 28, 2012, at the United Center in Chicago, we get to see Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping .... AND EDDIE WINELAND!  Eddie is the real reason behind going to this particular event.  We know him from our gym, LA Boxing Merrillville, and look forward to cheering for him in person.  It is going to be an incredible experience!!!

I cannot wait!!! 

And the owners of Fight Chix, Elisabeth & Jacob Nuesser, will be there, too.  Hoping to meet one or both of them!  I will, of course, be wearing one of my (three!!) Fight Chix tees! 
Along with my pink brass knuckles necklace!
Yep ~ that's me.  Modeling a FC tee, so I could get a free one!!

Got us Lower Level, Section 111, Row 18, Seats 7 & 8!!  That is the level just behind the floor seats!  WooHoo!  Not nose-bleed section, like when we went to see the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Unfortunate update:  Eddie Wineland has dropped out of his fight!  Ankle injury.  I am disappointed, to say the least, but we intend to have a great time!  Looking forward to meeting the Fight Chix owners and attending the first UFC fight on FOX!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The Wet Potatoes Gang enjoyed our First Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party this past Friday nite.  Our friends, Beth & Paul, were the gracious hosts.  WOW!  Impressive!!  Beth did a whole tasting theme for the food! 

Ironically, the couples seemed to be coordinated in their choices of attire:

The Shoafs: Beth & Paul

The Ogles: Marcy & Chad

The Mojicas ~ Chris selected ours

We also enjoyed shots of Pink Sock Punch ~~ crazy inside joke that you do NOT want to know!!

Then we got to the eats!!  Scrumptious!  Perfect little portion sizes:  Wings with ranch & celery, bruschetta, srimp with mango salsa, hummus with pita chips, caprese salad, 2-chunk chicken skewers, chips & salsa, deviled eggs, cheese & crackers.  And that was just dinner!!!

Desserts included: cheesecake, peach & blueberry cobbler, chocolate mousse, chocolate-covered pretzels, fruit salad and a cherry-amaretto pudding.

There was SOOO much food!  We barely made a dent!

We took a small break to refresh our drinks and to vote on the Ugliest Sweater.  The first round, it was a tie between Jason and Chris!  (I voted for Jill!)  So, we had to go to a second round to decide the tiebreaker!  And the winner of the WPG First Annual Wet Potatoes Gang Ugly Christmas Sweater Party:

Chris took home the trophy, a Christmas Mr. Potato Head (b/c our name is the Wet Potato Gang) and a can of Spotted Dick!  The Mr. Potato Head will be a traveling trophy and must go to next year's winner.  The Spotted Dick, however, is Chris's to keep (or regift as he sees fit!!!).  Apparently, Beth & Paul are known for giving Spotted Dick!  Jill has a can, too!  HeeHee!  

The party continued with gifts.  We brought gift certificates to a local bakery, Designer Desserts, for the ladies and a small box of chocolates for the guys.  We also gave a small hostess gift to Beth (Parisian-themed notecards in a decorative box wrapped with a fleur-de-lis).  As a group, we did the White Elephant ~or as we dubbed it, The Pink Sock~ gift exchange!!!  We drew numbers (1-9).  Number One had to pick a wrapped gift, Number Two could take Number One's gift or an unwrapped one...and so on.  Would you believe Chris's luck?  Not only did he win for ugliest sweater, but he drew Number 9 ~~ meaning he got to be the last to pick and could steal any of the already opened gifts or take the last remaining wrapped one.

Our gifts for the game were The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book  and a remote-control helicopter.  (Can you guess which one of us picked out which gift?!)  My gift was picked by Jason, who had Number Two, and Chris's by Chad, who had Number Three. 

Chris's plan was to steal back the helicopter b/c he has been wanting one forever (tries to tell me that it would be so much fun for Luna...).  However, his plan was foiled when Chad stated that he couldn't wait to enjoy the helicopter with their daughter, Shae. 

There were only a couple steals:  Paul took Caroline's $15 gift card to Lover's Lane (she said there was no way she could go in the store.  THAT surprises the hell out of me!) and Chris took Jill's skull & crossbones flask with 3 mini drink bottles. 

I was Number Seven and thought of stealing Marcy's champagne drink mixers, a book about the word f*ck and a moustache ring that doubled as a can opener.  Instead, I took an unwrapped gift and got a classy Christmas CD with songs sung by Ella Fitzerald, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and the like.

And as a going-away (eventually) gift from the Shoafs, Chris & I received this...

...the most awesome caricature of Beth & Paul.  Don't ya think???  Again, this is another "gift" that they pass around!!!  We were the lucky recipients for this particular celebration!  I lovingly held it for what seemed like hours!!! 

General chatter ensued and then we passed around a book from the game What The F*ck and asked questions of each other.  Pretty funny!!!  

Eventually, we found ourselves back around the food tables.  But we left so much ~~ it was sad!  Definitely would have gone for more of it both Saturday & Sunday!  

Our biggest thanx to Beth & Paul!  We LOVE spending time with this crazy group of friends!  It is THE way to kick off our holiday season! 

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