Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Books, Books, Glorious Books

I am a HUGE fan of the printed word!  I love, love, love to read!!  I have cards for two local libraries and they get put to good use.  A couple friends and I have been sharing book recommendations via Facebook posts to one another.  Why not share them with my blog community, too? 
Atlas of Unknowns is the story of two sisters, whose mother died when they were both very young, and the girls become separated when one of them briefly moves from India to America on a scholarship (that she won by offering her sister's artwork as her own).  Both of their lives change dramatically within a year's time and they realize how much they need the other and the life they are accustomed to in India. 

I have wanted to visit India for many, many years, so I thoroughly enjoyed the references to India, her people and her geography.

The Lace Reader follows Towner/Sophya Whitney as she reluctantly returns to her hometown, Salem, when her great aunt is reported missing.  Towner has to deal with her family, from whom she ran away 15 years ago to California: her reclusive mother, May; her abused aunt, Emma; her abusive and now religious uncle, Cal; along with her brother, long-dead sister and some of the characters of the town. 

I let myself get lost in the books I read and was not expecting the twist at the end of The Lace Reader

I will begin Brunonia Barry's next book this evening. 


And will follow it up with:


I hope you can take time to allow yourself to be lost in literature, like me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Look What Cupid Brought

Kennedy Harper Lee
6 lbs, 9 oz
19.75 "
10:34P Valentine's Day 2012

Our newest baby goddess...aka our niece, Kennedy, arrived just in time to share her birthday with her Uncle Chris!!!  She waited inside her mama, my younger sister Kelley, for 3 days after her due date, just to be Uncle Chris's special birthday gift in 2012!!

Isn't she just adorable?!  Pretty in Pink!!  The same size as her (pink) giraffe!

We sent her an outfit with pretty skulls.  She is still too tiny for it, but my sister will send me pics the moment Kennedy can wear it!!! 

Check out the goddesses:
Shyla Lynn holding Kennedy Harper!  Look at Shy's big smile and those delicious cheeks!!!  When Cody, Kennedy's daddy, wanted "his turn" with the baby, Shy did NOT want to let her go!  I believe it went a bit like this:
S: "My Kennedy"
C: "My Kennedy"
S: "No, my Kennedy"
C: "No, I am her daddy"

I think Shyla will be like Kennedy's big sister, more than her cousin.  Wish I lived closer to see that relationship develop and bloom in person.  I love these girls!  They have Aunt Jennie's heart, no doubt!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lenny Kravitz

One of my dreams came true on Tuesday nite...well, two dreams, really.  Chris and I attended a Lenny Kravitz concert at the historic Chicago Theatre.

Lenny is one of my "loves" and I have longed to see him perform!  I don't know how I missed out on the presale announcement for this concert, but one afternoon, just a couple of weeks ago, while driving to the gym, I heard it announced on the radio.  I was floored ~because he was coming to Chicago AND I have been dying to get inside the Chicago Theatre!!  I immediately grabbed my cellphone to call Chris. 

The very next morning I got online to check for seats.  Ticketmaster only had "obstructed" views available.  UGH!!! 

Then, I remembered that I had just sold my UFC tickets on StubHub.com ~~ SCORE!!!  So many seats available!!  We went with main floor seats toward the back.  However, I sort of wish we had spent a little extra money to get a wee bit closer ... especially since my camera sucks and the photos that Chris was able to take came out only so-so (you don't even want to see the ones I attempted)!! 

Lenny did come out into the crowd and up the aisle along our row!!  I got a little peek of his head as he passed, along his way out the main door to head up to the mezzanine level.  Lenny LOVES his fans!!

The concert was awesome!  Lenny is high energy rock!  I am so happy to have seen him at this time in his career!  He performed both old hits and new tunes from his "Black & White America" album.  As with the "best" of us, Lenny has gotten even better with age!  He referenced having once been fine, 22 years ago when "Let Love Rule" came out ~~ and while that is very true, he is still just as fine & sexy in my eyes! 

So, for February, I am going to "Let Love Rule"! 
I hope you will join me.

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