Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Healthy Dose of Joy & Family

I was reading past blog posts and realized that I had completely gotten away from the monthly character trait focus.  Oops!  I am trying to think back to the previous months to see what stands out about myself...April is a blur, but I think May was all about ...

It was my birthday month and the BIG 4-0!  I so enjoyed celebrating ME this year!  I am very happy that I spent the time and money to throw my birthday bash!  (And I couldn't have done it without my honey, aka Adam Ant!!!)  I was overwhelmed with the cards & gifts I received and look forward to "spending" all the gift cards!  And I am thrilled that some of my classmates from high school and former co-workers, with whom I have (re)connected via FB, came to revel in the 80's decadence of my party!  They so touched my heart with their generosity of spirit!!!   

I feel that June has been all about FAMILY.  It was extremely important for me to visit my Florida family this year.  I wanted/needed to meet Kennedy Harper and Casey Isaac; I needed to spend time with my (aging) grandparents; I wanted/needed to be with my mom and sisters and brother and Shyla Lynn. 

Right after returning to work from vacation, I took a half day off to enjoy a leisurely lunch with a great aunt, 3 aunts and a 2nd cousin and his wife.  I knew that if I didn't take the time off I would regret it when my great aunt is no longer with us.  My Aunt Mitzi is a doll!  She is a sister of my (paternal) grandma, who passed away just before I turned 10.

June has also been a time for new and exciting experiences!  We have really enjoyed our time with Bart & Bobby (aka Sinders) up in Chicago.  

And, really, for me, family isn't about is about those individuals with whom I connect and with whom I am close.  I CREATE my family and I love each and every one of you that make up my crazy crew! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have been out & about!  Enjoying summer and friends and new experiences!

We have hit Boystown in Chicago so many times in the past 2 weeks!  It's been a total blast!  First, we went to RuPaul's Official Drag Race Tour at Roscoe's where we saw Chad Michaels, Latrice (Motherfuckin') Royale, Phi Phi O'Hara, The Princess and a few others.  We got there early enough to secure a great spot on the dance floor, but then we headed outside to grab a bite to eat...MISTAKE ~ it was so crowded when we got back inside!  We were relegated to a side room where I could just barely peek some glimpses of the queens performing!  Ah, well!  Lesson learned!  It was still fun!!!

With Sinders Parrish outside Roscoe's, Chicago

Two nights later, we were at SPIN Nightclub for Pandora Boxx and The Princess!  This time, we secured our spots and didn't leave!  It was a much smaller crowd, too, which helped!  We paid for "Meet & Greet" tix which got us in photos with the queens after both shows!  Then, we had breakfast a few blocks north of the club!  We didn't get home until 4:30 AM!  I had been up since 7AM Saturday morning!  22 hours of awake time for this girlie ~~ insane!  Then, I only slept about 3 hours Sunday morning!  What?!?  Who knows where I got the energy reserves for Thursday thru Sunday! 

With Bart & Sinders @ SPIN, Chicago

The Princess @ SPIN

Pandora Boxx @ SPIN

With Bart, sitting on the stage, securing our spots for the show!!!

My "Meet & Greet" pic with the queens

And this past Saturday, we enjoyed Chicago Pride festivities for the first time!  We went up with our friends for a fest, where several blocks along Halsted were closed down for bands, DJs, food booths and other vendors!  It was crazy busy and our friend, Sinders Parrish, was in all her glory!  Her photo was in constant demand!  (I suggested a donation box for the the street performers in New Orleans!!!)  We had another late-night meal and then hit a bar real quick for Sinders to do some karaoke (to "Blue Moon" ... to match her color scheme this nite, of course!!) 

With Jim & Sinders at Pride Fest on Halsted, Chicago

This weekend, we will spend some time with family at an open house for my cousin's daughter and step-son.  We will also do some yardwork.  That is a job in & of itself and we haven't felt like giving the yard the attention it needs, but we haven't fully ignored it, either.  We have had to water the landscaping and grass b/c we are so very dry here (can't wait for the water bill, right!!!)!  Everyone has a crunchy yard!!  We are more concerned about the plants than the grass, so we have some pretty dry patches all throughout the front and back yards.  

Still not one single bite on the house!  Frustrating doesn't even come close to describing where we are right now!  We won't renew the contract with our current realtor at the end of July and will, instead, go with our friend, Bart.  Also, it was suggested that we RAISE the asking price (we have lowered it twice now...down $6000), so that we bring in a different group of potential buyers.  We will give it a shot!  In the meantime, we did some more cleaning, rearranging and purging on Sunday ~~ if we could only sell our sleeper sofa and open up space in the front room!  (Might even be willing to part with the chair, too, if the sofa buyer wants it for just a tad more.)   We will then set up that room as a dining room, just like the previous owners had when we looked at the house.  So, we have a couple things we will try & keep our fingers crossed that they work!  

Oh, Chris had a phone interview with UCAR last week!  This is the same place he interviewed last September...however, this new position is management!  We were hoping he would get a call this week for a second interview, via Skype.  (It is Tuesday, one week since the 1st interview, and he hasn't heard anything....YET!)  I am just remaining positive that once Chris is offered a job, we will get an offer on our house!   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Florida, Family & Fun (minus the sun)!!

I have just returned from a week long trip visiting my family in Florida.  Let me begin by saying it rained all but one last full day!  While back at home in NWI, it was a glorious week of 70 degree temps!  Now, Florida needed the rain and it is the beginning of both rainy and hurrican season, but this was TOO much!  It was reported that Florida hasn't seen this much rain this early in June since the 1800's!!!  Ugh!!! 

I was prepared for the heat & humidity that is common in Florida in June!  I had some great sundresses this time around and had been really looking forward to wearing them for the first time!  Well, I did get to wear 2 of them my last two days!  Simply, I would have preferred it to be a much drier visit!  Ah, well! 

My intention wasn't to "tan my cheeks (what?!)" was spending time with all of my family, as much as possible!  Mission accomplished! 

In the middle of my week, my mom and I went off on a little excursion to John's Pass at Treasure Island.  It was for my birthday and to spend time away from the drama that usually ensues when you get too many family members together for too long.  (My grandma was to join us, but with all of the rain, she felt best to remain at home.)

Jake, Shannon & Shyla, Jennie & Kennedy, Kelley, Grandpa and Grandma (my mom was taking the photo)
Getting ready for the morning drive to the airport for my return flight
Kennedy Harper
My nephew, Alex, the new dad, with Casey Isaac
Girls' Night Out
Shy wanted to hold GiGi and G-pa's hands at the flea market
My  mom at the Gulf in Treasure Island @ John's Pass
Pirate ship at the boardwalk of John's Pass
Our kitschy motel in John's Pass

The Gulf of Mexico @ Treasure Island, FL

You know the motel is "vintage" when they have shuffleboard!!
Kelley, Me, Jake & Shyla playing Trouble
Me & my brother, Ryan...the new grandpa

Looking for breakfast
The tide in the morning
Casey Isaac
Gorgeous gates at this tiki restaurant in John's Pass

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