Monday, April 23, 2012

April Musings

Whoa, here it is April 23rd and this is my first post for the month!  OOOPS!!  Guess I have had alot going on, mixed in with busy work at the j.o.b.!!

I am going to ramble and jump around from topic to topic in no particular order or chronology.  So, sit back, adjust your seatbelt & enjoy the ride!!!  ;)

Harvest Moon House:

We have had 4 showings this month.  The most recent being yesterday morning.  According to our realtor, the person yesterday loves our house....however, she has her own home to sell.  So, maybe the timing will work itself out and her house sells soon and then she can make good on taking ours off our hands! 

We have yet to have any offers come our way. 

We continue to do yard work and have some more weeding and grass pulling to do, both front and back ~~ if it doesn't rain this weekend, then we will get out there and get it finished, so it is off the radar.  I am looking forward to pretty-ing up my flower boxes and big planter, but it is still too early.  Mother's Day weekend, we will head to one of our local greenhouses to stock up on coleus, potato vines, spikes and that fuzzy one that is good filler.


Our oldest cat, Isis, who is almost 13, had a health scare at the end of last month that we have been monitoring this month.  The poor thing wasn't eating and she was losing weight....all while going over to her food & water dishes, but not partaking of anything!  It was heartbreaking!!  I could hear her poor stomach growling.  I was having a hard time sleeping and concentrating at work.  I took her to the vet, who did some blood work along with subcutaneous fluids (b/c she was dehydrated) and an injectable antibiotic.  We were going through all different canned cat foods to see what she would eat, as well as feeding her (and Luna) straight tuna, just to get something in her belly. 

After a few days, the vet told us Isis was hyperthyroid.  We started her on methimazole twice a day (a 5 mg tablet split in half).  Just over a week later, she was back to her normal self and we couldn't be happier.  But at the 2 week point, her behavior changed and she was skittish and hiding ~~ she would go into our coat closet and sit, but not lay, and this was never one of her spots.  Chris took her to the vet to see what was going on and get a recheck on her labs (as instructed from her first visit).  To our doctor's delight, Isis's thyroid numbers were way down.  He said he had never seen them drop so quickly and told us to cut her meds to once a day (2.5 mg).  We weren't told why she was acting "off," but I am suspecting that it had to do with her thyroid. 

This morning, she is somewhat reacting as before....she didn't want anything to do with her food or water and she is somewhat hiding, maybe she has a stomach ache as I did hear rumblings.  We are due to take her back next week for another check on her labs at the lowered dose of methimazole.  I will be happy when we get off this roller coaster.  I know she will need to take the meds for the rest of her life, as do I for hypothyroidism, and I don't mind giving it to her...I just want her to feel well everyday!


Our little goddess is having a health crisis of her own.  My sister, Kelley, took Kennedy for her first shots on the 13th (ew...just realizing it was Friday the 13th).  On the evening of the 14th, Kennedy's right arm was limp.  Kelley & Cody took Kennedy to her doctor Monday morning and he sent them directly to the hospital, where Kennedy had an ultrasound of her brain.  The ER doctor wasn't able to diagnose Kennedy and said they needed to take her to a neurologist. 

They took Kennedy to the neuro that Wednesday, who told them it could be a seizure or a tumor on her brain or her spinal cord and he ordered an MRI.  (He didn't look at the original ultrasound, either...only read a report from someone ~~ THAT doesn't sit well with me b/c I have had an ultrasound read wrong and been sent for a test based solely on said report!!!)  The MRI isn't until May 10th!!!

In the meantime, Kelley says that Kennedy is using her arm, but she knows her strength isn't the same as before.

Now, the doctors are saying the shots have nothing to do with it.  My sister works for a doctor and she did some research and said that, in fact, this side effect occurs in 1% of those who get the vaccination.  I reached out to my Facebook friends and family for support, positive thoughts and prayers and they all came to my side with all that and more!!  Many were able to give me personal accounts of issues with vaccinations and I have shared all of this with my sister.  From this point forward, I believe Kelley & Cody will insist Kennedy receive only 1 shot per visit and, possibly, reject some others.

I have continued to encourage Kelley to keep Kennedy active and stimulated in the belief that it will keep the neurological pathways developing and the neurons firing.  I remain positive that she will not have any tumors or seizures and that all future vaccinations will occur without side effects. 

I would appreciate any and all prayers and positive vibrations coming her way.  Much thanx!!!

And some of the other things keeping us hoppin' this month:
--Cupcakes and coffee with my sweetie @ Designer Desserts (I tried the Pink Champagne this visit ~ light raspberry flavor...yummy!!);
--UFC 145 party with friends;
--Lunch at Hamburger Mary's in Chicago.  New find by my honey ~~ good call!  I enjoyed a $2 mimosa, a Sunday special!!!  I think we will try this hotspot again in the future!!!  Need to give the burgers a go!  Oh, and WHEN you go, you simply must try the seasoned ta-tas!!!
--Trader Joe's in the south Loop.  Add this to our (short) list of Trader Joe's we have shopped.  Snagged a new bottle of wine to drink with some new apple and chardonnay chicken sausages.  Also trying out a frozen beef bourignon to which we will add fresh mashed potatoes.  And we couldn't pass up the tiramisu...such a hit for Chris's birthday that we will share it for my big 4-0 next month!
--2 Easters.  Amazing food at both.  HUGE selection of Greek and American dishes at Chris's brother's home!!  We didn't need to be rolled out after partaking of much of it...but had we taken home leftovers, I think we would have ended up in food comas!  ;)

My 40th:
Only 3 weeks until my THE day!  WOW!  I think we will take the day off from work and head up to Chicago (weather-permitting) to enjoy a Tall Ships sail, grub at Hamburger Mary's, Chicago mix from Garrett's Popcorn, a 4-D experience at Shedd Aquarium...and maybe a ride on the El to Belmont to shop at The Alley where I can get a free tshirt and a 30% discount!  We will wrap up the evening with Trader Joe's tiramisu and red wine at home. 

And it is just under 4 weeks until my Birthday Bash!  We are doing good with our plans.  Some food stuffs will be secured in the next 2-3 weeks; we have the balance of the hall to submit, along with our plans for the table layout; I have balloons to order at Party City; Chris is moving forward on his costume (altho, a bit slower than I would like given how fast time is going); and I would like to practice my makeup while wearing my pink wig!!! 

OK...I think I caught up! 

This week, I begin going to the gym 4 times a week (up from 3).  I want to be in better shape at 40 than 20!  My instructors know this and I am confident they will help me toward my goal!!! 

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